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September 22, 2023 @ The Ridge Motorsports Park

September 22, 2023 @ The Ridge Motorsports Park

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  • The Ridge Motorsports Park

    The Ridge Motorsports Park is the Pacific Northwest's premium racetrack. Come ride on the same track as MotoAmerica riders and experience the thrills of this 2.47 mi long track with its 16 turns and 300 feet of elevation change.

  • What To Expect

    Single-day Trackday & Performance School on most single day events. For two day events, there will be the Trackday & Performance School available on day 1, with just the Trackday available on day 2. Each day will be running a 3 session format for the event of Relaxed 100, Intermediate 200, & Expert 300. This day is all about helping riders learn the characteristics of their bike in an environment they can count on as repetitive and predictive by being at the track. Allowing them to enjoy freedom, while practicing skills they would not on the street.

    You can register for single events or to maximize your experience, take advantage of our 2-day events. A package discount will be applied if you register for both days of a two day event.

    2Fast provides a safe and unintimidating environment for you to enjoy your track riding experience. Our staff is on hand to help you improve your riding and monitor the sessions to balance learning and excitement. Please visit our FAQ page to learn about our events prior to registering if you have questions.


Level 100 (Relaxed)

This is our relaxed group, typically it's populated with newer track day riders and riders on slower machines. We run our performance school in this group. If this is your first track day, we strongly recommend signing up for the performance school.

Level 200 (Intermediate)

This is our intermediate group, typically it is populated with moderately experienced track day riders on 600cc and 1000cc machines.

Level 300 (Advanced)

This is our fastest group, it's populated with our most experienced track day riders and racers (these folks are fast).

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