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one-on-one coaching

Rick Kolster

Rick Kolster

Rick has been passionate about riding motorcycles his whole life.  He started street riding in the heart of NYC, and realized the best place to ride is at the controlled environment of the Racetrack, doing track days.    Rick soon began coaching for Team Pro-Motion sport bike club mostly in the NY area, NJMP, Pocono Raceway, but would go traveling up and down the east coast - from Calabogie Motorsports Park in Canada, to Jennings GP, Florida - to teach the riders in the track day school.  He would also guest coach for other clubs sharing dates, including Penguin Road Racing school, RideTPM, EvolveGT, The Riders Club NJMP , Absolute Cycle Experience, N2, NYST, Rutts To Raclines, and more.   

    Rick joined the club racing side of the sport for a couple years, placing top 10 in 2015, and top 5 in 2016. Then came time for racing regionally, and he won the Championship Cup Series in 2017, (the Atlantic regional Championship). 
  After coaching for decades, Rick enjoys demonstrating and explaining the riding techniques of the many who helped shape his own skills.  His favorites include: Glen Goldman, Danny Walker, Eric wood, Ken Hill, Keith Code, Brandon Paasch, & Mark DeGross.

Rick is now instructing for 2Fast Trackdays in 2023, and is offering some limited dates for 1 on 1 coaching. This will include the whole day, or half day , just you and him, working on anything from body position, bike position and bike placement, to vision references, line choice, rear brake, anything he can help you with, he will in your skill level.  Some need to just learn basics, some want to get ready to race, and some want to win the next race!   It’s up to you!

Price is Half Day $300, or whole day $400 (Venmo/PayPal)

Also available is his “In Ear, Real Time “coaching (you bring your helmet communication device)

Also available is  his onboard GoPro video 

The available Tracks and Dates Rick Kolster has open are updated continuously . Please email a request if not listed here.  Some dates may also get added to the schedule, so definitely check back in on this website.
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  • What's one-on-one coaching like?


    With one-on-one coaching, you are paying for your coach's undivided attention for the whole day. This means that they will work with you on and off the track. While each coach has the freedom to work with you in whatever way they feel will be the most effective most of the time you'll be alternating between riding on the track followed by off-track discussions.


    This day is all about you. So if there is anything specific you want to work on, tell your coach so that they can make sure you leave feeling like you achieved your goals.

  • How does payment work?


    2Fast's coaches are independent contractors. The price you see here will be discounted at checkout and you are responsible for paying the coach that amount at the track. You must include a coaching reservation and the matching track day in your cart when you check out, but you are responsible for paying them directly when at the track.

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